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NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3

Working in a hospital such as Vila Health can be difficult. In the United States, experienced RN nurses face significant challenges in delivering quality nursing care. Our hospital’s evidence-based guidelines and practices state that many nurses need help balancing their workloads and applying evidence-based methods to their procedures. This affects the quality of patient care. These issues had been identified previously. This research will go deeper to find a possible solution and then suggest it to experienced RNs (Darwish et al., 2017). Vila Health Hospital nurses are misusing medications, which negatively impacts patient outcomes. I can use critical thinking and my research skills to discover the specific nursing problem and why other Vila Hospital nurses are experiencing the same issue. Our hospital offers some of the most advanced healthcare in the country. This is an important issue. NURS FPX Assessment 3: Analyze a current healthcare problem or issue. Experienced RN Nurses must use their knowledge and research skills to improve patient care. This article will analyze the consequences of the current situation. This report was also solved using the Socratic Problem Solving Approach.

The Issue and Its Analysis

It is nothing new for the healthcare and nursing industries. In recent years, evidence-based procedures and practices have gained popularity among American hospitals. They help nurses to provide the best patient care. Nurses must also perform perfectly to maintain high standards of care. The number of medication errors is increasing in large gatherings. Vila Health has a policy that employs evidence-based practices. This policy has not been fully adopted, and patients are given the wrong medications (Spoorthy, 2020). This study will investigate the reasons for this.

In turn, they will be better equipped to handle current challenges. Improving treatment quality is crucial so patients receive the proper medication. Even experienced RNs can give the wrong prescription or dosage to patients. Researchers believe nurses are imperfect, and anyone in the hospital could give the wrong medicine. Inexperienced and newer RNs cannot read several research papers due to time constraints.

NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3

Nurses who prescribe incorrectly are also blamed for lack of detail. As a result, many nurses must demonstrate their knowledge and impress management. The most challenging task for RNs with solid research skills is integrating their findings into a clinical environment. The hospital’s management must find new ways to help nurses in this institution. The nurses are reluctant to share their results as they do not believe they can implement new ideas in the workplace. Nurses feel that spending money to implement their ideas or fund their implementations could jeopardize their job. The organization’s heavy workload forces nurses to work many shifts during the day and at night. It is challenging to balance work and family life while caring for patients.

More research in hospitals is needed for the management, making it difficult to improve the quality and rating of our facility. Nurses like Vila Health Hospital still rely on their training and knowledge to treat patients properly. The senior management of our hospital is worried because most college graduates cannot research the proper medication. This obstacle prevents nurses from providing high-quality care. Many nurses need to be made aware of their future and need more confidence. According to academics, the nurses’ inability to research and apply findings to real life creates a huge gap between research. Nurses need to gain the experience and skills needed to research drugs.

A Critical Analysis of the Issue

The root cause analysis (RCA) is a technique for identifying fundamental causes of observed variations. This difference in performance can be an indicator of treatment error. To minimize errors and variance, the surgical count should be done methodically. The counting method should be standardized internationally, as well as the tracking system of sponges, tools, and gauze in the sterile area. It is possible to avoid errors when counting if you make the process audible and visual (Sha et al., 2018). Both the scrub nurse and the circulation nurse should perform the surgery. Use the most advanced surgical counting methods. Modern patient care is based upon the successful and efficient integration of diverse teams of healthcare providers. The team is made up of nurses and healthcare professionals from different disciplines. Communication is the foundation of a solid patient care team. Only if doctors and nurses change shifts at the correct time can they provide quality treatment. The new team’s primary goal should be to provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date information. Healthcare practitioners must be made aware of the importance of a good handover.

Options and Implementation of the Solution

Patients with extensive healthcare knowledge and experience cannot concentrate on medication consumption. Our time is spent in various wards, rooms, and with patients. Our Vila Health Hospital works multiple shifts between 7 a.m. and 12 a.m. The nurses report that reading EHRs and X-rays and talking to seniors take up most of their time. The majority of practical and vital tasks are completed during this time. It is not worth the time to spend on tasks that are not nursing-related and do not improve your research skills. I have invented many techniques to help nurses understand patients’ problems and the medications needed to help them. First, nurses need more time to develop better medication delivery methods. We need supervisors to help nurses build stronger relationships, manage their time more effectively, and understand the medications and pharmaceuticals they prescribe since healthcare is a collaborative effort (Zhang et al., 2021).

NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3

Nurses can use their unique IDs for each patient to ensure the correct medication is given. Nurses should always have an updated list of medications. Nurses must be sure that the weight and height of patients are accurate to optimize patient care. Work-life balance is the key to reducing workplace stress. Nurses can better understand medication and how to administer it when less stressed. The second step for selecting C-patients is determining if drugs can improve clinical outcomes. Research and analyze scholarly sources to discover the most recent and best practices. Nurses should select from the latest lists and catalogs for new and older medications entering the hospital. They can improve their medical knowledge by collaborating with leading physicians and researchers. Collaborating with doctors helps customers improve interdepartmental links (Feng et al., 2021). In this way, doctors may prefer certain nurses to others and dismiss other nurses with superior pharmacological expertise.

Both experienced and newer nurses may need to be addressed if incorrect drug concerns are ignored. The issues will persist and cause serious harm to patients’ health as well as the nurses’ careers. Ignoring the problem could harm the nursing profession and the US institution. A doctor reading it to the nurses can help them better understand their treatment. Nurses at our hospital may use the Socratic Method to create a supportive work environment. Then, when a question has been answered, other questions are asked. Researchers can then identify the most appropriate solution to a particular problem.

The Ethical Implications

When choosing the right drug to meet a patient’s specific needs, ethical considerations must be kept in mind. For example, a judicial position on ethical decisions based on academic best practices and data would help provide better healthcare to patients. This phase will help practitioners justify these evidence-based methods and offer the best medications to appropriate patients at Vila Health Hospital. Empirical research can be used in various ways to improve ethical decision-making. Nurses should carefully study patients’ behavior, attitudes, and medical conditions before selecting the right medicine (Govender & Arnedo Moreno, 2021). From doctors to nurses, it is recommended that administrative staff and nurses pay close attention to drug errors.

NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3

This error may be repeated if the drug list is not kept current. Patients should not suffer from medication errors, even if they can have fatal consequences. Patients and nurses must maintain trust in each other, as this could adversely affect the quality of care provided. If the healthcare system changes, nurses can improve their patient’s health and reduce the use of incorrect medications (Zhao et al., 2022). In this case, autonomy and fairness are the two most critical ethical factors. The right medicine can improve the self-esteem of nurses and their productivity. It shows that nurses can do the right thing at the appropriate time.

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3 about?

NURS FPX 4000 Assessment 3 focuses on enhancing communication skills in nursing class assignments, emphasizing effective patient care.

How do communication skills impact nursing practice?

Practical communication skills are vital in nursing as they facilitate patient interactions, team collaboration, and patient safety.

What are the critical components of communication in nursing class assignments?

Key components include active listening, empathy, clarity, non-verbal cues, and cultural sensitivity.

How can I improve my communication skills for nursing class assignments?

Practice active listening, seek feedback, participate in role-plays, and attend communication workshops or seminars.

How does enhanced communication contribute to patient outcomes?

Enhanced communication fosters patient trust, compliance, and satisfaction, improving health outcomes and patient experience.

What are the challenges nurses face in improving communication skills?

Challenges include time constraints, language barriers, dealing with emotional situations, and adapting to diverse patient needs.

How can nursing educators support students in developing communication skills?

Educators can provide interactive learning opportunities, mentorship, and constructive feedback on communication performance.

How can technology aid communication in nursing class assignments?

Technology, such as telehealth platforms and electronic health records, streamlines communication and information exchange among healthcare teams.

How do communication skills impact interdisciplinary collaboration?

Effective communication fosters teamwork, mutual understanding, and cooperation among healthcare professionals.

How can I incorporate evidence-based communication strategies in my nursing practice?

Stay updated with current research, attend communication-related conferences, and apply evidence-based techniques in your interactions.

How can nurses overcome communication barriers with patients from different cultural backgrounds?

By developing cultural competence, understanding cultural norms, and using interpreters when necessary.

How do communication skills influence patient education and health promotion?

Clear communication empowers patients to make informed decisions, adhere to treatment plans, and engage in health-promoting behaviors.

What role does feedback play in enhancing communication skills in nursing?

Feedback provides insight into strengths and areas for improvement, helping nurses refine their communication approaches.

How can nurses handle difficult conversations with patients and their families?

Approach with empathy and honesty, listen actively and offer support and resources to address concerns.

How does effective communication contribute to a positive nursing work environment?

Improved communication fosters a supportive work environment, reduces conflicts, and enhances team morale and job satisfaction.

What ethical considerations are relevant to communication in nursing class assignments?

Respecting patient confidentiality, obtaining informed consent, and ensuring cultural sensitivity in all interactions.

How can nurses address the challenges of communication in high-stress situations?

Utilize stress management techniques, remain calm, and prioritize patient safety while communicating efficiently.

How does reflective practice contribute to communication skills development?

Reflection allows nurses to evaluate their communication performance, identify areas for growth, and make necessary improvements.

How can nursing students practice communication skills during clinical placements?

Engage actively with patients, seek opportunities for communication, and observe experienced nurses’ communication techniques.

How does communication influence patient satisfaction and feedback in nursing class assignments?

Positive communication experiences lead to higher patient satisfaction scores and valuable feedback for ongoing improvement.


There are multiple obstacles to implementing evidence-based practices at selected hospitals. Inexperienced RNs or other nurses face two significant challenges. They need more time management skills and the ability to research and develop due to a heavy workload and long shifts. Moreover, they need more trust in their empirical results and research findings. Hospital administrators can quickly solve this problem by implementing hospital policies that reward nurses for sharing their research and allowing them to maintain a work-life balance.