Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is designed to protect your personal information. Our goal is to offer our customers an enjoyable and safe experience. In order to achieve this, we have designed our privacy policy with the aim of keeping all personal information and payment details private. These policies are only applicable to information collected for nursing class assignments.

  • Our Terms and Conditions are updated periodically. Please read the Terms and Conditions before you place an order.
  • Your credit/debit cards details are not shared with a third party. This information is not shared, sold, rented, or saved.
  • You allow us to use your personal information, such as your name, email, phone number, etc., throughout the entire order process by providing it to us. This information is only used to communicate with you and update you on the progress of your order.
  • You own the completed assignments/papers. Once your papers are delivered, we do not hold any copyright. We will never reveal your identity when you submit your documents.
  • We will never share your Visa or Mastercard card information, or any other payment method with a third party. We will never use these details for illegal purposes.
  • Cookies are used on our website for certain purposes, which do not affect your privacy. Cookies are used to track your browsing experience. Cookies are used to enhance your browsing experience. If you don’t want to accept cookies, you can block them. We are afraid that blocking cookies will make your browsing experience less enjoyable.

Privacy Policies

We respect your privacy and will never disclose any information to a third party. The company is not responsible for the disclosure of any information that is made without our consent or outside its control.

Note that the company will never save any of the information collected (which is described below). The second information, i.e. the non-personally identifiable data, can be used and saved by our company.

We collect the following information:

Personal Identifiable information (PII).


Included are

  • You will need to provide your name, gender, date of birth, email address, password, user name, postal code, and other information.
  • This includes billing, shipping, and transactional data. This data does not only apply to the methods mentioned.

Anonymous Usage Data (non-Personally-Identifiable Information, non-PII)

  • This data only relates to your anonymous usage history and does not include any PII.
  • Your IP address may be used to diagnose problems with our servers, or to manage it. It could also be used to collect demographic information that will help our marketing team better understand your needs.
  • You should also note that your IP is not PII.